About Us

MountDigit Technology (P) Ltd. founded in early 2001, have grown into one of the Nepal's premier web solution provider (domain registrationweb hostingwebdesigning, e-commerce, social media marketing, Graphics Designing) companies, due in large part to our staffs' commitment to quality customer service. Whether you're just starting out and need a simple web presence or you're an advanced website developer looking to integrate e-commerce and databases into your site, you'll find that MountDigit has the technology, services, and staff to help you succeed.


With pace of time, MDT also started working in recruiting and consulting sector from 2004. Our major works related to Consulting include project formulation, conduct research and studies (value chain, feasibility, impact, socio-economic, gender survey), policy analysis, conduct training/ workshops/ seminars, monitoring and evaluation etc. We are dedicated to providing better Consulting services to our clients in Nepal in order to help in the development of better Management practices which would act as a strong medium in the poverty alleviation of Nepali people.


At MountDigit we have a legacy of more than 12 years of partnership with various customers in successfully applying technology-based solutions and solving their toughest problems. We are proud of our reputation as a solutions provider and innovator. Our corporate culture is one of dedication, respect, and continuous improvement. We measure our success by our customers' successes.


Employer of Choice

Our staffs are our greatest assets. MountDigit is investing in its employees, internal processes, tools, and business systems, in order to be better prepared to serve our customers. We are strengthening our existing core competencies by collaborating and connecting with other ‘like minded’ companies in Nepal and abroad. In addition, we are investing in the development of new capabilities to meet increasing requirements. MountDigit strives to be recognized as an employer of choice and has established programs designed to attract and retain the best talent, highly skilled and motivated workforce.


At MountDigit, we have a clear vision for the future and understand how to manage the changes and resources necessary to reach it.


Technology Leader

In a time marked by rapidly changing technology, MountDigit together with its highly motivated team is enthusiastic about the opportunities available for us to address the emerging requirements of our customers in the field of Web, Ecommerce and ERP Solutions.

We know that reputation in the information age means everything and that the only way to maintain success is by taking care of our customers and giving them every advantage technology has to offer today. We base our success on you, our customer. The company comprises of high end resources, tools & equipment which is driven by team of highly qualified and experienced web professional dedicated to identify problem and provide complete web solutions following the standardized software engineering paradigm. Our main priority is to identify and meet our clients' business and dynamic needs.


World Class Customer Support

Our technical staff is available, via our Help Desk, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, to handle your technical support needs. We take pride in our customer service and strive to earn and keep your business every day. Our Data Center and Operations Center in USA are staffed 24x7x365 by trained system experts and customer service reps ready to handle your support needs through us in any form. Customer Support is main priority at MountDigit®.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Regardless if you are a small business, medium-sized or large corporation or if you just need a private website, MountDigit® has the right solution for you. With customers from various businesses, we have learned that the most important criteria for web solutions are knowing customer need, reduced costs, deadlines, service and Customer Satisfaction and MountDigit® is built on these core values.