Recruitment and HR Advisory Services

We have a proven track record of providing following services:

  • Database Recruitment:  
  • Customised Recruitment:
  • HR Advisory Service

Database Recruitment: 

We have existing and active database of over 3000 potential human resources, specially relevant to development sector organisations including experts in the field of Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Gender and Social Inclusion. Upon clients explicit requirement we can most sutable candidate(s) for quick interview and selection process.

Customised Recruitment:

MDT provides customized recruitment services that includes back-to-back process from definining/fine-tuning the job profile to recommending most suitable human resource. Our value added service in recruitment includes our focus on understanding the culture of the organsiation and the team dynamics and advising on most suitable blend of human resource; as well as; providing a risk analysis and recommended areas that management needs to focus on development for even the best-fit candidate. Our standard customised process generally includes following seven different stages that aim to build strong reliability and validty of our assessments.

  • Understanding you and planning
  • Vacancy Announcement
  • Long list
  • Short list
  • Telephone Interview
  • Written Assessments
  • Interview
  • Recommendation



Lead Consultant along with consultant will carry out discussions with your management to plan and finalise the following minimum requirement/ elimination criteria:

  •    -Criteria for preliminary short listing
  •    -Questions and evaluation criteria for written assessments
  •    -Criteria for Interviews and role of individual panel member, along with tentative questions

After which the vacancy announcements will be designed with definite candidate profile which will be approved by Client.


Vacancy Announcement:


The vacancy announcement will be announced Internally through client's website as well as daily newspaper. The job description and specification of the position will be published in the website and short notice will be published in the newspaper giving reference to website to look for more details. This way the client can save cost of news paper for not giving long advertisement in the news paper but instead asking potential applicants to visit the website.

Long List:


Consultant will closely scrutinize and document all applicants. All CV’s will be scanned against the elimination/selection criteria and short listing. Applicants who do not possess the elimination criteria will be eliminated. This process can also be done through online by collecting all application through MountDigit;s online portal for Application Management System.


Short List


Consultants will scan all the applications with reference to the criteria agreed, scoring each applicant on the defined criteria matrix developed by the consultant. Consultant will identify a pool of upto 10 applicants with the highest scoring for telephone interview.


Telephone Interview


Consultants will take telephone interviews of high-scoring applicants. The objective of the telephone interview would be to validate CV, ensure availability and interest and ask generic questions regarding incumbent’s skills. We will again shortlist upto five candidates and recommend for screening approval and call for written assessment after the approval of Client.


Written Assessment and Interview


Eligible candidates, screened through telephone interview will be invited for the written assessment. The assessment will cover behavoural skills, technical skills, and analysis of cultural compatibility. Consultants will facilitate the interview process.


MountDigit will engage experts from Client organisations as panel members to ensure transparency and fairness in the process. We will document ALL applicants and their competencies scientifically and would do the short listing based on proven and tested method. MountDigit will ensure that all applications come directly to our organisation and would propose rejection of all applicants for whom recommendations and undue pressures are made by any individual or organisation.


The Client's management will be involved crutinizing the technical asseessment (written assesment) and in making the final decision of whom to call for the interview. MountDigit will advice AEPC on nomination to the panel for technical expert for each position to be filled. Client's representation will be welcomed at all stages, but especially required in the interview stage.




The purpose of this report will have three sections:

  • Lessons from the the assignment so that it becomes a valuable process guideline for Client to conducting similar activities in future.
  • A section on recommended course of action for future.
  • Compilation of all reports of all activities conducted within the parameters of the agreed contract.


Communication and Reporting


MountDigit will maintain regular communmication and will ensure that Client approves the criteria used, as well as collaborates in the results of the process.

Outcome Report- Consultants will report the outcome to the Client's management regarding following points:

Candidate Report-Recommendation on whether the applicants have capacity to hold the position that she/he has applied for. This includes short profile of each recommended candidates including his/ her strengths, areas of concern, capacity building requirements and rationality for selecting the candidate

Process report: Summary of scores of all applicants going through the process of assessment and interviews


HR advisory service

Besdies Recruitment, we also provide HR advisory service from a team of in-house and rostered experts to our valued clients. These services mostly are in areas of HR system re-design, restructuring support and regular advisory support to your HR team to ensure that the strategic HR interventions you design are aligned to your business goals. We would be happy to come and explain our service and our credentials upon your inquiry.