Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is  the process of making the website visible and accessible through web searches. People uses  search engines to search their relevant keywords. The common search  engines are  Google, yahoo ,Bing etc. The purpose of SEO (Search Engine optimization) is to make your website accessible in search engines  when people type the relevant keyword that matches your website content. When your website is accessible through search engines there is a maximum chance to generate the traffic in your website and finally your website traffic is your revenue.
what to wait for? Think about doing or integrating  SEO  in your website to promote your brand or business and to generate  revenue. Generally  SEO  is done with two major steps. On page SEO  and Off page SEO .
On page SEO is a collection of SEO activities done on each page of your website. Such things as keyword research, keyword optimization, site architecture and link structure analysis, coding audits and all internal SEO activities making your site more  friendly  to users and search engines.
Off page SEO is a set of external optimization techniques that aim to generate more traffic and online sales to your site. That said, article writing, forum posting, link building, directory submission and social media optimization are considered off page SEO. 
Mount digit technology can help you on Search engine optimization followed with the following activities.
Keyword research and validation:
Through a detailed study we know the keywords in place and largely used by the public they will target your company. Match in the keywords is an essential step for the success since it will transport visitors from search engines  to your website. Is the current keywords driving the targeted visitors to your site? We’ll study the competitive landscape and help you choosing keywords for which top rankings are realistic and achievable.
Site optimization at the initial stage:
We’ll make sure your site is properly balanced in terms of keyword density, meta tags and title tags. We’ll then take a new measurement and watch for changes in rankings across the major search engines. which will optimize the tags in various aspects.
Reporting is scheduled based on the excitability of your category. If search engines frequently visit your site, we’ll run more reports and make ongoing revisions based on changes in rankings represented in those reports.
Content development
In many cases, additional content is needed for sites to obtain and maintain top rankings. Our SEO experts can provide guidance in developing the right kind of content. Content development and analyzing group at Mount Digit will write effective contents if necessary.
Link building:
The number of inbound links to your site heavily affects search engine rankings. We’ll help you develop a link building strategy that will help the search engines learn what your site is truly about.
Directory Submission
We submit your website to Google, yahoo, Bing and yellow pages so that your  website gets ranked and it will be easy for generating revenue.